When I first started VASS, I called myself a Virtual Assistant because I thought that was what I was.  I thought that title covered all the services I provided.  Admin, Book Keeping and Event Co-ordination.  Then I started working with other freelancers so VASS could provide other services and act as “One Stop Shop’ for business support services for small businesses.  I still marketed myself and the others as Virtual Assistants.  But in August this year, I had a conversation with someone who said my website didn’t fully represent what I actually did.  When she heard Virtual Assistant, she heard PA.  She admitted that once she read everything on the website, she understood that in fact VASS was providing a high-level service of many things.  But pointed out that most people won’t take the time read everything.  They’ll probably just skim.  At first, I didn’t really get what she was saying but it has slowly dawned on me.  I need to communicate to people who I am and what my business does straight away. Not assume they’ll know.


So let me clarify.


I have worked with Insolvency Practitioners, Web Designers, Event Planners, Architects, an Environmental Charity, Interior Designers, Celebrities and Royalty for nearly 18 years as a Book Keeper, Office Manager, Business Manager, Company Secretary, Business Support Manager. I have organised businesses from Start-Ups to Multi-Million Pound Organisations and enjoy what I do. Immensely. My job has always been to make sure one or several functions/departments run well and effectively so that the business owner can focus on growing the business by concentrating on the core function of the said business. I have:


  • Run Accounts and Admin departments,
  • Liaised with Accountants and Solicitors to resolve financial and legal matters,
  • Negotiated pricing with suppliers,
  • Overseen a new company branding strategy and made sure it was rolled out effectively across the company
  • Interacted with Clients to make sure they are happy and most importantly, pay their bills on time.
  • Created new operational systems in order to make functions easier to carry out and/or access information quickly.
  • Co-ordinate events
  • Organise appropriate gifts for high profile clients, suppliers and staff
  • Make sure the business is following the appropriate legal and financial regulations/guidelines dependent on their business.
  • And lots of other things, I can’t remember right now. (covers face)

Fun facts? I helped decorate a London Eye Pod for London Fashion Week and I was once was a cleaner at Vivienne Westwood's Studios when I was studying for my A-Levels.


I decided to start my own business because I enjoyed what I did but didn’t enjoy who I was working for.  Running my own business meant I could choose who to work with. First of all, I only work with people I like!  I work with businesses or people who I believe in and have the same work ethic/values I do.  I like to work with people who can think outside of the box, are doing something to make something better for others and trying to make their mark in the world.  This includes members of the VASS team too.

VASS is a team of individuals who provide, Admin, Accounting, Coordination, Legal, HR, Marketing, Concierge, Design support to small business and other individuals who need it.  We are all passionate about what we do and are taking all our experience to enhance other businesses and those with busy lives.  We are a Virtual Business Support Service Company.  We are more than Assistants, we are Managers and Doers.  We are all very experienced so we can ‘hit the ground running’ as we need very little guidance and assistance.

We are not Virtual Assistants, we are Virtual Managers.  I think that sounds much better, don’t you?

Don’t wait until the 1st January to tackle that to-do list, start a new productive routine or be the new you.  Start today.  If you need any help, do not hesitate, even for a moment, to contact me at hello@thevass.comWe are all here to help. It’s what we do.  Really well.