De-Stress at your desk

I recently saw an article in Grazia Magazine, written by Eileen Burns (The Stress Coach) which I wholeheartedly co-sign.  She is a Stress Management Expert and gives us 5 ways to de-stress.

1. Make a list and focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is the main cause of stress, lack of focus, poor concentration, fatigue and anxiety.

2. Take a breath when you’re overwhelmed. Simply drop your shoulders and become aware of your chest rising and falling.

3. Have regular tea breaks and leave your desk for your full lunch break to encourage the body into a more relaxed state.

4. Move. Even stretching at your desk helps reduce muscular pain, tension and circulation problems.

5. Stay hydrated. Dehydration adds pressure and stress to the body’s systems.

Sounds good to me and anything is worth a try.  Right?