Welcome to VASS

In today’s tough economic times, it can perhaps be hard to contemplate hiring someone else to assist you but, there are cost effective alternatives to traditionally hiring permanent staff. If you’re spending a large percentage of your day completing time consuming tasks as opposed to working on growing your business, virtual support services from VASS is right for you.


VASS provide administrative, accounting, legal, hr event co-ordination, marketing (including social media management) support, which in turn frees up your time to focus on the activities that bring in the most income for your business. Our support services team work from their own homes and offices thereby using their own equipment and reducing your overheads.  They are all fully trained, use the most up to date technology.  The best bit is that it doesn’t require a large monetary or time investment and sets out to save you both.


VASS’s support services team are all freelancers, so understand the pressures of running a business. The only requirements which are needed with our freelancers, is to agree a contract which lists in detail each party’s responsibilities and expectations and; agree a reliable means of communication, which has to be established from the onset. They provide a confidential, consistent and flexible service at all times. All of our clients are also guaranteed their work is handled in a confidential and secure manner and will not be disclosed to any other party, directly or indirectly, nor will any information received from a client be used to benefit VASS and/our support team members. All clients and freelancers are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before any work commences.


We can also assist as Lifestyle Managers, who can help those with demanding lives. We provide assistance with all areas of an individuals’ life, ranging from family to professional matters. Because we offer a bespoke service, we can help manage each individuals needs and objectives.

We also provide business set up support.  We are here to help you set up your business and ensure that you are correctly registered with Companies House, HMRC and other agencies dependent on your business.  We also provide help with utility services and bank account opening amongst other tasks.