Business Advice

So on Saturday, I came across a Business Services package which looks identical to one I put together 6 months ago but didn’t offer it to my clients.  I sent it to a few people and created several versions but changed my mind about selling the information as a package.  Instead, it is going to be offered for free. Yes, I’m going to as I didn’t do anything about it! Now, 6 months ago, I would have been devastated that someone could betray me.  Maybe even livid.  But I realise how much about the world I have learnt in the 18 months I have been running my business. 


1.     The fact that someone has ripped off my idea is a compliment.  There are so many good ideas where that came from.  There will be many more to come.


2.     Maybe they didn’t copy it.  Maybe they so happened to have the same idea as me.  The fact is, they did something about it and I procrastinated.  If I had already started doing what I said I wanted to 3-6 months ago, they would not have had the opportunity to put their work out there in the same format.  (Though let it be noted that it was definitely copied!)


3.     Even if I changed my mind and sold this package, the content would not be the same.  My experiences and outlooks have shaped my business and packages.  They are my experiences and outlooks alone.  I don’t need to worry about what other people put out there.  There is nothing like a VASS service or product!


4.     I am not the first one doing what I do and I won’t be the last!  So no need to take everything so personally.


5.     Sometimes you need to keep things to your chest!  No need to always look for a second opinion or for someone to hold your hand.  If I had of had more faith in my product and realised how good it was, I wouldn’t have given the plans out so freely.


6.     This is how the business world is.  There are so many people desperate to make a buck, they would sell their own mothers to do so.  I have come across such people many a time.  Some people have sold themselves as looking out for others but are anything but.  Fortunately, I believe in karma so do not need to worry about them or waste my energy getting upset as they will soon get their comeuppance. Hehehe.


7.     You are in control of how people make you feel.  The reason someone thought they could take something of mine and put it out there as their own, is because I have acted like a push over in the past!  I have allowed people to take advantage of me and appear to be a bit weak.  Unfortunately for them, this is no longer the case.  There is nothing wrong with being honest, open and kind.  It is just that not everyone deserves that treatment.  I have learnt that certain qualities I hold should be reserved for my nearest and dearest.  I just note everything down mentally to be remembered for the future.  I have noted this situation and put it down to experience. 


Will I allow it to happen again?  I hope not!  Instead of procrastinating, I am going to try as many things as possible.  If they fail, so what!  But what if they are a success?  Wouldn’t that be amazing……………